Pattern samples

Knife for stripping residual dyestuff on the outer surface of pattern cylinder

Stainless dye pan and
dye stuff transferring brush

Pattern cylinder samples

• In our machines the A.C. speed invertors that is the latest hi-tech product and that needs no maintanance, are being used and with these invertors every speed adjustment between 0 and 160 cpm is available.

• The electric faults in our machines are lowered to a minimum level by their splendid electrical devices.

• The rubber rollers and screen fixing heads of our machines are pneumatically controlled therefore time loss in screen changing is minimized.

• Pattern adjustment is available by button command in our machines without stopping the machine.

• Both wrinkledness of the tube fabric is removed and provided input of the fabric into machine with same line by tube opening mechanism used in our machines.

• Rubber Cylinders, the most important features of roller printing machines, are made of high quality material and long life service is provided.

• There are independent press adjustment system in different pressures to the both edges of the rubber cylinders in our machines.

• Our machines are available for printing on darned, woven and non woven fabrics, artificial leathers, and jib etc. fabrics.

• Our machines have capacity for printing in 100 – 120 – 160 – 220 cm widths and in 1 to 7 different colors.

• Capacity of printing of our machines varies from 1.000kg to 1.500kg in 8 hours regarding pattern features.

• Pneumatic pistons and components with stainless aluminium body are used in our machines.

• Our machines have 1 year of warranty against manufacturing defaults and spare parts are always available in our stocks.

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